NOT FOR SALE: AMERICA is a unique series of innovative and educational films produced in conjunction with local law enforcement, depicting true stories of sex trafficking crimes from each state in America.  You see, not only do trafficking crimes differ from state to state, but the challenges facing law enforcement can vary as well.  The goal of these films is to make our communities safer, more informed and vigilant to this growing epidemic.


Unfortunately, when we hear the words “sex trafficking,” as Americans we immediately think of women and children overseas who are being forced into the sex trade.  That’s not the full story; unbelievably Americans are trafficking other Americans and most of them are underage. 

Not For Sale – Florida

Status: Pre-Production


Frank Devono, a retired NYPD officer moved to Florida about five years ago.  To pass time and to earn a few extra bucks, Frank takes up Ubering.  However, a dark side of sunshine state is soon revealed, and Frank and his team of hospitality bandits challenge the evil head on.

NOT FOR SALE: FLORIDA is part of a series of films produced in conjunction with local communities about sex trafficking in America.  Sex trafficking crimes differ from state to state and the challenges facing law enforcement and communities vary as well. 

Central Florida is known for its booming tourism market and thriving work industries, but a silent enslaved population of human-trafficking victims hides among the millions of people that travel throughout the region.​  The goal of this film is to make all our communities safer, more informed and vigilant to this growing epidemic. 

NOT FOR SALE – FLORIDA is an inspiring new narrative feature film depicting how the hospitality industry in Florida is winning the battling against sex-trafficking.  From the Uber drivers to the hotel clerks, true stories on how the service industry is working with law enforcement to end this pervasive evil.  The film will star actor Dean Cain and the first wave of production will start in Orlando, FL.


Not For Sale – West Virginia

Status: Pre-Production


One small coal mining community in West Virginia goes out of its way to rescue a family in crises.


West Virginia is one of our nation’s most beautiful states.  However, because of its geographical location, the state has become a very popular travel route for traffickers.  In addition, West Virginia faces more child prostitution and familial trafficking cases than any state in the country. 


West Virginia is also leading the nation in its law enforcement response to trafficking.  From maximizing prison sentences for traffickers to widespread community awareness and educational programs. NOT FOR SALE - WEST VIRGINIA is scheduled for production during the summer of 2020.

NOT FOR SALE: AMERICA is about exposing this modern-day slavery state by state, story by story through the eyes of the victims and local law enforcement agencies.