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NOT FOR SALE AMERICA is an intense true to life film series from JCFilms and The Lifeboat Project starring actor Dean Cain. Each of these films depict true stories of human trafficking crimes.  The goal of these films is to make our communities safer, more informed and vigilant to this growing epidemic in human trafficking.

Not For Sale

Release: January 2023 

JCFilms Studio - Orlando

NOT FOR SALE: FLORIDA is an inspiring new narrative feature film depicting how the hospitality industry in Florida is winning the battling against sex-trafficking.  From the Uber drivers to the hotel clerks, true stories on how the service industry is working with law enforcement to end this pervasive evil.  Premiere Info.

Ghost Trader 

Release: February 2023

JCFilms Studio - Orlando

Two sisters looking for a better life in the United States instead find themselves caught up in the dark underworld of sex trafficking. GHOST TRADER takes an in depth look at the international trading of women.  Premiere Info.

Leaving Las Vegas

Production Starts:  Summer 2023

JCFilms Studio - Las Vegas

More than 200 people are reported missing from the city of Las Vegas every month and with so many unsolved cases a special task force is put in place to investigate. This crime drama educates viewer on how corruption stands in the way of ending human trafficking.


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