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What can we do to help?

Local filmmakers and actors will use their talents in the fight against human trafficking in Florida, and they have a ‘superhero’ coming to help.

On September 13,, 2021, actor Dean Cain, known for his role as Superman in “Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman” will start the production of a new faith-based series being filmed in Orlando.

NOT FOR SALE: FLORIDA is an intense true to life film series tackling the horrid subject of human trafficking in Florida. Each of these films depict true stories of human trafficking crimes from all over the sunshine state and the goal of these films is to make our communities safer, more informed, and vigilant to this growing epidemic in Florida.

As if Superman wasn’t enough, the producers of the films are equally fortunate to have over 100 local actors and filmmakers willing to give a hand.

“Several months ago, we had over 200 local actors come out for a casting call for these films. Most of them willing to volunteer to help end this horrific injustice,” Jason Campbell from JCFilms Studios said.

Campbell reminds us that Florida is ranked number-three in America in sex trafficking, but he believes several films on the subject will make a difference. “Films change the culture, and we’re going to keep making films until we change the culture on human trafficking in Florida,” Campbell said.

JCFilms Studios is a faith and family film production company that has produced over 40 faith and family films with the majority of them featuring Cain. They are partnering with The Lifeboat Project in the production of these films.

To learn more about getting involved in these films please visit:

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